About Us!

Hi everyone! Nicole and Sarah here! We are both 20 years old and are currently taking time off of school. We feel God calling us to something other than school and until he reveals that to us, we will be blogging to inspire others in their own walk with God! Even when it’s hard not knowing what the future holds for us, we have faith and trust God because His promises for us are always true! We are very passionate about helping others through this blog and we are very excited to start it. We love to inspire people and are hoping we can uplift those who are feeling down. Our main goal is to help people find faith in all things even when it is hard to see what God is doing and show them why they should never give up! We hope you all follow along with us on this journey and enjoy it as much as we will!


Nicole and Sarah 🙂

Finding Jubilation in the Midst of Tribulation